• Rachel & Friends Episode 8

    Theology for Everyone

    Kevin DeYoung

    Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung joins us to discuss the role of studying doctrine in the life of ordinary individuals, and even young people. His new children’s book, The Biggest Story, tells the overarching message of the Bible for little ones and their families. We also chat on several other fun tidbits – food, parenting, women’s ministries, and heaven. Kevin is…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 7

    Pleasure on Earth

    Jon Saunders

    Episode seven is a landmark podcast because it makes for our first husband and wife couple to both have been on the show! You can see Jon’s wife, Vanessa’s, podcast on Friendship & Secret Sin here. When first thinking through the content of Jon Saunders’ episode, I was wondering, is this really true? I realized how much…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 6

    Battling Anxiety & Fear

    Greta Lankheet

    When we began work on the Rachel & Friends podcast as a side project to my food and lifestyle blog, I wanted to commit to recording five episodes and then re-evaluate the venture. Was I enjoying it? Is it sustainable? Are people liking it? Well, I am even more in love with doing this than when…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 5

    Friendship & Secret Sin

    Vanessa Saunders

    Episode five is here and ready to bump through your speakers. Many women desire to have close friendships, but aren’t sure how to get them. I think you’ll leave this podcast feeling spurred on and encouraged to cultivate honest relationships where you are free to be known.  Also, I love Vanessa’s take on the interesting question…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 4

    Family Worship


    This episode of the podcast is certainly not one to miss, friends! I am talking with pastor and author Jason Helopoulos on his book A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home. I’m amazed at how little we touch on this subject! After all, what makes a home a Christian one if we aren’t worshipping God while…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 3

    Money & Generosity


    Podcast number three is ready to rock ‘n’ roll, folks. We are talking about finances, giving, and stewardship with my dear friend (and first male guest!) Jordan Shirkman. Be sure to listen in on the first two episodes if you haven’t already. They cover body image & how to view overeating as Christians and Godly friendships between older…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 2

    Intergenerational Friendships

    Christy Duffy

    We are back with episode 2 of Rachel & Friends! If you didn’t yet catch the first one, you simply must! My girl Stefan has such great things to say on body image & how to view overeating as Christians. Show Notes Christy’s blog: Where I Am Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt My New Cookbook PRE-ORDER NOW:  AMAZON | BARNES &…

  • Rachel & Friends Episode 1

    Honoring God Through Eating Habits


    The day has finally arrived for the launch of Rachel & Friends podcast. We unroll this first episode with a lot of enthusiasm (and a lot of burning the midnight oil!) Press play and you’ll hear it all! PS: I say it in the intro, but I have to give another mention to my husband…

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