February 11, 2014

YEAR TWO from Rachel Schultz

The second anniversary of this blog continues! I love looking back on the past year to see what posts you all loved, and share the ones I liked best too. These are your 10 favorites according to number of hits since February 2013.


  1. The World’s Best Chicken: this was my first post to go “viral” and is still going strong
  2. Better-Than-Takeout Chicken Fried Rice: I think this may be my most beloved post. All year, but particularly this past fourth quarter, it has been raking in traffic
  3. Fried Honey Bananas: I posted this on my birthday last year, and its popularity has been a great present!
  4. Secret Fruit Salad: fruit salad is a big enough craze in summertime, it keeps this secret one on the list for the whole year
  5. Best Cobbler You’ve Ever Had: I still stand by that statement, and it seems like you all agree!
  6. Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries & Pecans: a great dish with world’s best chicken, and therefore a much favored post
  7. Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles: cookies have a big surge at christmas!
  8. Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches: I think this one has become so celebrated because it’s yummy, and very, very easy
  9. Cheesy Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole: a staple in our weeknight dinner rotation, I’m not surprised lots of others have liked it too!
  10. Baked S’mores Bars: people love ways to eat s’more year round

Combined, these 10 items make up 57.8% of my traffic. The biggest piece of the pie, however, goes to all the other posts combined, totaling in at 42.2% of the hits.

THE WORLD'S BEST CHICKEN from Rachel Schultz

Those were your favorite posts of the year. As for mine?

  1. Basil & Goat Cheese Flatbread Wrap: fresh, light, and the homemade flatbread really makes a difference
  2. White Cheddar Bacon & Kale Mac ‘n’ Cheese: comfort food at its finest!
  3. Slow Cooker Chicken & Wild Rice Soup: a soup version of the above casserole. I made this again yesterday
  4. Roasted Strawberry & Chocolate Brie Grilled Cheese: a healthy-ish dessert that doesn’t feel healthy-ish
  5. Insanely Good Sausage Stuffed Shells: sausage + pasta is a good thing
  6. Carrot Cake Pancakes & Cream Cheese Syrup: the pancakes aren’t overly sweet, which makes the syrup really stand out and compliment one another
  7. One Pan, 20 Minute Sausage Tortellini: this might be one of my husband’s most in demand, and it gave rise to the very popular “the sauce”
  8. Black Bean & Spinach Chicken Enchiladas: David has gotten really good at making these which is a huge favor when I need some help getting dinner on the table
  9. Panzanella Salad: good classic salad with a great dressing
  10. Mexican Black Bean Pizza: something out of the ordinary that I crave often. The first time I tried it, I thought it was the best thing I ever ate

And you can take my word for these! I cook up a LOT of stuff in my tiny kitchen, so I really think the stuff that makes this top 10 is worth a try!

White Cheddar Bacon & Kale Mac 'n' Cheese from Rachel Schultz

Carrot Cake Pancakes & Cream Cheese Syrup from Rachel Schultz

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Tuesday: Your & My Favorite Posts of Year Two
Wednesday: How I Blog as a Career
Thursday: Ask Rach Q&A
Friday: A Big Announcement!

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  • Mallory

    I just made your World’s Best Chicken recently but put the sauce on pork chops and THEY ARE WORLD’S BEST :) So glad I happened upon your site, your food is scrumptious.

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