September 11, 2014

Fast art projects that are engaging and neat without looking too “craft-y” are one of my beloveds. When working on our gallery for the bedroom, I wanted a big mix of looks – abstract art, realist oil paintings, photos, etc. Today we zoom in on the top center where I made a vegetable print on canvas that took almost no time flat. There’s lots of vegetables that make interesting prints, but I like the look of a single stalk of celery.

(I have also seen people use the whole bundle of celery to make flower prints.)

VEGETABLE PRINT ART from Rachel Schultz

STEP 01: Slice off one end of the stalk to expose a flat, fresh layer. I used a paper towel to dry mine off so the paint would stick well.

STEP 02: Dab stalk into acrylic paint and press onto canvas. I got a few prints out of each paint application for stamps that varied in concentration. I also sometimes used a sponge brush to brush the paint on for a little more control.

And yes, I got crazy and flipped one stamp upside down for a little quirk. Let the whole thing dry and you’re done!

I love this print to work toward my look of really varied pieces. Some are big, bold, and graphic, while others like this are small, detailed patterns. The slightly tribal vibe this is giving off is pretty trendy right now, while still being low commitment if that fad passes soon. Although I used a small canvas, I think this could be really cool on a huge one too.

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