October 23, 2014

Baby Schultz

Our baby joined our family last month. We are very happy and thankfully not too tired. That he exists makes me both stronger and weaker. And he binds his father and mother together even tighter.

This announcement has been delayed because although maybe old fashioned, I am still deciding how I feel about posting pictures of him on the internet. (Thank you for all of your sweet and inquisitive messages!) I can share more information over time, but I can’t go back and share less. So yes, that includes his name being a mystery. For now, we like keeping his world small.

But I am glad to not have you all in the dark any longer. And it feels nice for it to be publicly known that I have a new name now. And it is mommy.

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  • Well put. I love what you wrote. Congratulations! Enjoy the holidays with your precious family.


    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Chandra! Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Elaine Tippmann

    Congratulations! Congratulations! I end up on your blog always because of that pumpkin crisp! Oh, my! I just wanted to share as a fellow mommy following hard after Jesus..Yeshua! My husband and I have six children. We had all of our babies at home and home schooled. We lived in a bus and our twin boys and their daddy built ‘their’ bunkhouse on our raw piece of land back in the 90’s. We now have added daughters and sons through marriages and six grand babies. Life is so very full and fast….those babies and children who become friends.. a most precious treasure. I am profoundly moved when I think of the generosity of Jesus to give us such an awesome gift. Blessings on your life, present and future.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Elaine! I love your story.

  • Desiree Fawn

    Oh those sweet toes <3 Congrats! ^_^

  • deborah


  • Congratulations! My boys are in high school and I still don’t share their names, and only rarely share their faces on my blog. Enjoy your little guy!

  • Hayley

    Congratulations!!! Wonderful news.

  • francesca

    Congratulations!! Love your blog.

  • Tracey

    Congrats to you! How precious!

  • Congratulations!! “Mommy” is one of my favorite names :).

  • ruby

    yayyyy! so sweet. i’m having a boy too. and so seeing/hearing about other little boys gets me even more pumped. props to you for still running a lovely blog whilst juggling your newest job :)

  • Congratulations so much, Rachel!

  • Congrats!! So happy for you. I very much understand and commend you for considering you and your son’s privacy. We had a baby last year and have decided to not post pictures of her on social media. It’s what felt right to us, so that’s what we did. Make sure you do what feels right!

  • Oh Rachel! Congratulations! So very happy for you and your sweet little family. I hope the birth was a smooth one and I simply can’t wait to hear more about life as “Mommy”! I blog a little here and there and while I don’t have a little one yet, I struggle with how much of their lives I will share someday. Your decision is a wise one and I love that you point out you can’t unshare, but you can always go back and share more. Congratulations again!

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