February 9, 2015

Every year on the anniversary of my site’s birth, we celebrate blogginess for a week. Today’s post begins it, and it is one I look forward to every year – a day in the life. It is interesting to see how your life and routine has shifted over the course of 365 days. This year will be markedly different from years previous because of the introduction of this little thing called a bouncing baby boy.

YEAR THREE from Rachel Schultz

8:00am I wake up to the sound of my four month old calling for me from his crib. (Yes, “calling for me;” we will put it that way.) The feet hit the floor and I relieve him from his crib. One of my favorite things David does is make the bottle of formula before he leaves for work and set it on the side table where I feed baby. When rolling out of bed feeling like a sleep monster, having it already ready so I can pick up little one right away is the best feeling ever.

8:30am Feeding is finished and I play with baby for about an hour while eating my breakfast (lately oatmeal or fried eggs & toast). I have gotten into the habit of watching some news during this time which I dislike myself for because morning news shows are horrendous. Looking at a screen helps me wake up, however. (I know I slept until 8am. What a hard life.)

9:30am Baby goes back to sleep. During this window, I mostly write and also do some bookkeeping and responding to emails and comments. People ask if I work less since he was born. I have been able to keep up pretty well; the main difference is I waste far less time. Now my mindset is that once baby goes down, I dig in and use that time really productively. Previously when I had all day to my non-mother self, I would waste away hours like nobody’s business getting side tracked on things.

12:00pm The drill from morning repeats. Feed baby. Play with baby and eat my lunch. I usually pinterest or listen to a podcast while giving him his bottle. (I feel a lot less gross after this compared to the morning news shows).

1:30pm Little one is asleep again. This is when I cook. I have enough time to test, taste, repeat, and then photograph before he wakes again at 4:00pm.

4:00pm Bottle number three happens and then we (“we”) clean the house for when Dad gets home – the real best part of the day!

5:15pm Dad is home! All the nations rejoice! Mom eats a quick dinner with Dad. Our dining room is now essentially a museum because we never eat there because it is so close to the crib. It is worth it for him, and hopefully we will buy a house soon.

5:30pm The last nap of the day for baby starts and I now leave for the gym.

6:00pm At the aforementioned gym.

7:15pm  Back home and time for Mom to get to hang with Dad. Mostly talking or working on little projects.

8:00pm Baby’s last feed and wake time of the day. I shower while Dad does the bottle and then baby gets double parent attention for wake time. During this time we do family worship (singing, praying, reading the Bible, praying again.)

9:30pm Baby goes down for the night and parents consider doing the same. We usual stay up for maybe another hour.

10:30 Lights out.

My schedule is a lot simpler than it used to be. Mornings are for writing, afternoons are for cooking. Baby eats at 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm. I love how being a mother has forced me to trim the fat off of time wasters. I am motivated to get it all in because homegirl has high sleep needs.

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  • i am impressed by your baby’s consistent schedule and long naps!! I work away from the home, but on days off I pretty much get nothing done. Go you! Glad you are able to keep up your business and blog as a mom. :)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Jenn! He is such a sweetie.

  • Rachel

    You’re lucky- your baby sleeps a lot! :) My schedule is wacky with a almost 4 month old and 4 year old. Sounds like you are able to get a lot done. Good for you!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Rachel. He is a very mellow and happy little guy. I also read the book Babywise which helped us a lot.

  • One of my favorite weeks each year on Rachel Schultz dot com: A Household Almanac is the anniversary celebration. Would you be willing to go on record saying your favorite productivity tip is having a kid? Because I’m hoping that will work for me.

    Thanks for pulling back the curtain for the readers.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Jordan. My only concern is that you were not willing to commit and say it was your favorite week. What is stopping you? Muffin week? (Note: kidding.)

      Yes, when you put it that way I have realized taking care of a baby has been my number 1 productivity tip. And reading

      You’re welcome! Thank YOU.

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