February 14, 2017

Today I started thinking backward to remember how long we have been working on this book. I got the very first email from my publisher in February or March of 2015, so that is almost exactly two years for Happily Homemade from start to finish. I was meticulous when making this book and really believe it is my best work. I hope you see that in the photography and recipes when you flip through and try cooking something of your own.

Happily Homemade Release Day copy

There are lots of ways to show people love, of course, but one of them is providing for those simple, reoccurring needs – like a warm meal after a long day. I wrote this book because making good food is one of my favorite ways to care for my people.

Happily Homemade has 100 recipes, including breakfasts, snacks, appetizers, entrees, sides, sauces, seasonings, and (DEFINITELY) desserts. There are lots of takes on classics that mix it up with a new or unique flavor combination. Like probably most wives and moms, I just shop at a big, regular grocery store, so all the ingredients in any of the recipes are ones that can be easily found, or you may already have in your pantry.

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Pictured above are a Plum Caprese Stuffed Porkloin, Beet & Kale Lasagna Roll Ups, Doughnut Milkshake, and Mushroom Braciole. Just a few of my other favorites in the book you should earmark to try first are the Pumpkin & Pecan Baked Oatmeal, my favorite Chicken Noodle Soup, Apple Mac & Gouda, Broccoli & Cauliflower Tots, and Peanut Butter & Banana Cake.

Happily Homemade is available NOW from any of these super fine retailers (among others):
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Christianbook | faithgateway | Family Christianindiebound | Parable

My New Cookbook


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  • I pre-ordered a copy of your book for myself for my birthday and can’t wait for it to arrive! I have made A LOT of your recipes, my family has loved every one of them, and am excited to see what tastiness the book has in store. Congratulations on the release!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That is great! Thank you Meghan <3

  • OMG I am very happy for you, Rachel. You cookbook looks gorgeous! Congratulations!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Olivia!

  • Erin Worrall

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive! It’ll be a month before my mom can bring it to me here overseas, but I know it’ll be worth it when it does!


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