January 25, 2016

Only a few short days are between me and my deadline for the cookbook. When we were discussing finish date for the contract, I partly wanted to ask for more time, but then realized keeping it short and quick would be a nicer quality of life. Writing a book (at least with this type of project and time frame) sort of takes over your life, so I liked it being highly concentrated for a few months instead of looming over me for a long time.

I actually have a document saved on my desktop every time I think of something I want to do, but cannot right now because of the work. It is my “things I will do when my manuscript is turned in” list. On it are items such as get up to date on family photo albums, keep working on the house, be a good friend to people again, etc.

Jenny's Brachiole copy

You will notice a few days off from posting while I am banging out the last pieces of the book. Among the things waiting for us when I return are the annual blog birthday week about life as a blogger (slash author!?) and a roughly-half-a-year-in video tour of the house.


January 21, 2016

After removing the finial on the stairs, my momentum was unstoppable and I pressed on to paint those spindles and brighten the area. This falls in the category of things I do not have time for while trying to finish the cookbook, BUT I DO THEM ANYWAY. I love home projects. I cannot stop.

Note: You know I tried to repair the unstained top of the newel, but it has a weird gloss on it that will not take stain. I am going to have to either get a power sander or do the other idea I have up my sleeve (that deserves its own post).


The question for this job that I was playing by ear was how many parts to paint white. I started with the spindles proper because that was an easy decision. (Two coats primer, two coats Behr Ultra Pure White).


There are three remaining parts I was unsure on. First, that diagonal board. Often on stairs, the spindles go directly into the tread, but these have a slat running above them. I decided pretty quickly to paint that too. More is more, as they say.

Second and third are the post of the newel and the top piece of the newel. When I looked at my pinterest boards to note what stairs I like have, all of their newel bases were white, and to my surprise, most of them have that top portion white too. Alright, so the newel base is a yes, but the top piece is remaining for now while I think.


The reason I am going for the “more is more” mindset with painting parts of the stairs (the rosette is going white too when I strip the wallpaper) is because anything left wood will have to be stripped and re-stained to match the different tone of our new floors. Meaning, more work than painting. With that in mind, I might make the top piece white to save some trouble. Paint would be simpler than having to do anything to fix it, but does that part need to be wood to look right?

In the corner of this photo you can see our new entryway table. It is a hand me down we got while sorting through David’s parent’s attic. The spot requires something quite small, and this hangs over into the hall slightly. It is actually a desk, but is working as a temporary piece.


January 18, 2016

For Christmas I asked for an arm full of books and this new friend – a paint sprayer! I probably need a permit to open carry this.

My New Paint Sprayer from Rachle Schultz 2

Giving gifts is my favorite thing. Not that anybody does not like presents, but if you prescribe to the “five love languages” silliness then you would probably say my “love language” is gifts. I work pretty much the entire year collecting ideas for the Christmas list of our family because I so enjoy it. David puts essentially no thought into a wish list and lets me come up with what he wants for him. (I think that means I do a good job?)

This Christmas was of course our first year in the house, so I kind of want/need anything. David’s mom was asking for our list and I had everyone else’s ready on lock and for me I was still wavering. It is not that there is not anything I want; it is that there are so many things I want. My friends were telling me they sometimes have a hard time coming up with anything to ask for on Christmas. They must be a lot less materialistic than me.

I scrapped anything decorative for the house because I am opinionated and would want to pick purchases like that out on my own. Expanding our limited, but growing power tool department seemed like the best idea, so I requested this spray gun. It has top notch reviews on amazon. When I asked for it, I think it was about $50, but now I see it it is down even lower to $33.

My New Paint Sprayer from Rachle Schultz

The most appealing feature to me is the paint is stored in regular mason jars, so swapping colors is very easy. It uses the same air compressor as our nail gun. Actually, our compressor is a lot more heavy duty than what you would even have to use for it. Cleaning paint brushes and rollers is probably the lamest like, ever. Although our trial run with it has yet to begin, I have heard clean up with paint sprayers is actually faster.

The first project I will probably use this weapon on is painting all the dirty polished brass door knobs in our house. Also, all of our closet doors are shuttered bi-folds (yuck), so when I paint ones I cannot yet replace, the sprayer will be much better than brushing the shutter parts.

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