November 5, 2015

If I were to name my hobbies, I should probably go ahead and include “craigslist” as its own item on the list. I check it probably 2-3 times daily. If you are willing to become that insane, you are rewarded with an expert knowledge of the market. That market knowledge has paid off when pricing my items and bartering with others for theirs. (I only really do the furniture category, maybe sometimes free or antiques.) This is also a help with deciding to buy or pass on something.

I have a sense of how often, say, arm chairs come up for sale, so this tells us when to jump at a truly good listing or pass on something a dime a dozen.

I see so many hidden gems on craigslist all the time, I have thought about starting a blog for my local friends where I post alerts for finds I do not personally need but are great for somebody. It is hard see a real score and feel like “someone needs to buy this!” even if it is not me.


Anyway, on and on I have gone now about my love for CL. I could write a book about it. The point of this post is to share our recent purchase which I actually did buy.

Those vintage schoolhouse chairs. SIX of them. She was asking $8 each or $40 for the lot. That is a great deal, but I believe I am medically unable to not try to haggle with someone no matter how fair I think their price is. I just cannot resist the thought of an even better deal. (I have problems.)

I offered $30 for all of them and she accepted gladly. (OH, THE TEN DOLLARS SAVED.)

The final resting place for these and where they were envisioned for at the time of purchase is the work table in the office. (Did I mention the chairs adjust in height? Perfect for children of all ages in a homeschool room one day.)

As depicted above, however, they are currently dwelling in the dining room. The orange wood chairs in there were the weakest link in our seating game (we have six white stools in the office right now) and I wanted to be able to seat more at this table sooner.

What did I do with the old, orange wood chairs? Sell them with Craig, of course.

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  • Wow this is an interesting and useful article for all readers… And the look of chair is very nice..
    Thanks for sharing this article to us..

  • This chair looks very nice.Thank you

  • These chairs are awesome! I need to get on craigslist a little more often.

  • Amelia

    Awesome find! Do you think your chairs might actually be old sewing chairs? The height adjustment would make sense, if say, they used to furnish a sewing workshop or such. the SINGER label also perfectly matches vintage SINGER sewing machines.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Oh cool. It is possible! If I remember correctly the seller might have said they were used in a school. maybe sewing school : )

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