September 22, 2012

Lately, I have been feeling so ready for Fall, I am trying to coerce the weather by making dishes, doing activities, and dressing as if it were already here. In my book if it is not chilly out, it is still Summer.

This warm apple-cinnamony aroma will fill your whole house. Pork! It is the other white meat.

apple-cinnamon-slow-cooker-porkloin-3APPLE CINNAMON SLOW COOKER PORKLOIN
Serves 5-6

2 pound porkloin
1 apple, sliced thinly
3 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 onion, sliced

Slice slits into porkloin horizontally, about 3/4 through meat. Fill each slit with an apple slice and drizzle honey over top. Sprinkle with cinnamon.


Transfer porkloin to slow cooker. Layer onions over top. Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

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  • 2 pound porkloin
  • 1 apple, sliced thinly
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 onion, sliced
  1. Slice slits into porkloin horizontally, about ¾ through meat.
  2. Fill each slit with an apple slice and drizzle honey over top. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
  3. Transfer porkloin to slow cooker. Layer onions over top. Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

Adapted from Crossfit + Paleo.

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  • It was very tasty

  • I put the porkloin on high for 4 hrs very tasty

  • do you need to add any water at the beginning?????

  • Ok, I’m going to try this but not in my slow cooker. Hope it works! I plan on cooking it low in the oven covered well. I often cook meat slow in the oven as my boyfriend has a “stigma” about my slow cooker ( have to use it when he is gone ALL day!). I will let you all know how it turned out!

  • Christy

    Wow, if I had ordered this in a restaurant, I would have been happy! I added walnuts to mine, and am keeping them in for next time. I also would like to thank Brianna for the glaze suggestion she made for the extra juice from the slow cooker. Excellent suggestion, and delicious. Mine was a 5lb tenderloin, done in just under 5 hours on low. Thank you for this awesome recipe. This will be great for guests!

  • Audrey

    hi there! I’ve never used a slowcooker before and I just got one and I was wondering if you’re suppose to add water to cover like all these other recipes that ive seen or just put the tenderloin in the pot and cook?

    • Rachel Schultz

      You can just put it in! Get to know your crockpot, though.

  • Johne799

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  • Crystal

    Is it high or low for 3-4hrs? I know that it says low but someone said that theirs was not done in that time. Just wanted to check cause I am making it right now. Can’t wait to try it!

    • Anonymous

      What did you end up doing? How long of a cook time? I’m making tomorrow and this question doesn’t seem to have been addressed!

  • Debra

    Cook this tonight. Very good. Tender. My husband like the apples. Next time I may add a few more slices. Served with asparagus, brussel sprouts and a bake potato. This will be added to our menu rotation.

  • Brandy

    hello I was just wondering when you said cinnamon did you man cinnamon sugar or just plain cinnamon

    • Rachel Schultz

      Just cinnamon.

  • Nikki

    In the crockpot now..excited to see how it turns out!!

  • Olá! Gostei muito desta recita, obrigada, Abraço!

  • Brandi

    I’ve looked every where in my area and noone sells a whole 3-lbs pork loin. They’re all pre-cut in half. How should I alter my recipe to accommodate that? Thank you!

    • Rachel Schultz

      I do the same recipe even with those.

  • Hi,

    With this recipe should we add the apple juice to the crockpot? And is the timing still 3-4 hours on low? Looks great.

  • I’m going to attempt this with pork shoulder and a mutsu apple (no honey or sugar added, but will smear some garlic-shallot paste in the slits before tucking the apple slices in).

  • Heather willits

    Made this dish yesterday and it came out perfect! Moist and delicious :) I paired the pork with mashed sweet potatoes and my family loved it.

  • stefanie

    This is in the crock pot now. No onions but added apple cider and some brown sugar and garlic. .

    Can’t wait to try it.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great additions!

    • lindsey

      How much of each did you use??

  • Anonymous

    Looks delicious.

  • Wow, this is zoo good! Tried it tonight and am loving it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kristy

    I added sage and rosemary instead if the onions. It was wonderful! I also put it in the oven at 350
    For about 40 minutes because I didn’t plan ahead for the crockpot and it still was great.

  • Kathy

    can you use any kind of apple?

  • Anonymous

    get grandma to help you cut the pork apples and onions

  • Have you ever tried this with a different type of apple?

  • rebecca

    What size crock pot is this for?? Would it work in a 4qt round crock pot?

    • Anonymous

      Thats what I’m going to try today . I think it will work

  • Judy

    I’ve made this twice now and it is so good. I have not tried it in the crock pot yet. Both times I just baked it in the oven at 325 for about an hour, depending on the size. The first time I cut the ingredients in half since I was only making a small serving and I found it needed more honey so the 2nd time I used the recommended about of honey and I could taste it. I will continue to use this recipe as it is now a favorite of mine and next time I am going to try it in the crock pot

    • Anonymous

      I am planning on making this tonight, I as well am splitting the recipe, is is just the honey you found needed more?

  • kathy

    Is it high for 4 hours? My 4 hour setting is high not low

  • Nicole

    I put a little water in the bottom because I used a slow cooker liner… All the surrounding apples have no taste…darn! Next time I won’t use a liner or water

    • Anonymous

      Try like a tart apple like Granny Smith to see if they hold the taste

  • Just an FYI — I believe the original pin on Pinterest linking back to this recipe/site calls for Apple juice. However, it is not included in your recipe.

  • Sami

    Hi! I put mine in 4 hours ago and it’s not even close to done. I had a feeling a 3lb pork loin wouldn’t be done on low for 6-8 hrs. It would sound right if its on high for 3-4. Am I right?

  • Brianna

    I made this today for dinner and I wish it wouldn’t have gotten so watery. I drained it twice during cooking and the second time decided to be proactive about it and put the liquid in a pot and made a delicious glaze! It’s phenomenal and I will be making this again.. Perhaps in the oven though.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great idea with the glaze. Thanks for the feedback

  • Shilo

    Thank you for the delightful recipe. I have also prepped it the same way, wrapped it in foil and thrown it on the grill with indirect heat. It adds a little smokey flavor. SO DELISH!!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great method! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Shirley

    Pork loin is pretty inexpensive here in Illinois but its such a boring meat so I’m anxious to try this.

  • Megan

    Where does the cinnimon come in??

    • Rachel Schultz

      Oops! Thanks, I’ve corrected it now. I recently rewrote the instructions for this recipe and forgot to add it.

  • Amy

    Gonna try this this week – found a 10 pork tenderloin at the store for $18!! Normally $40! Great idea on the onions, too. Can’t wait!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great find!

      • Amy

        Rachel – made this last night (came home to it after a long day at work) and it was delightful. I substituted brown sugar with honey as I thought we had honey in the cupboard and we did NOT, and I also did add a cup of water just to make sure there was enough moisture. It didn’t keep its shape to slice; it basically shredded on its own (nice and tender) and was awesome over potatoes. Thanks for a great recipe.

  • Jill

    Did you season it with any salt & pepper?

  • Kim Beach

    To die for!!

  • Do you add any liquid to the slow cooker with the roast? Seems it would be really dry if you didn’t add water or broth.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I do not, but you definitely can if that’s your personal preference.

  • Anonymous

    Are you supposed to add water when cooking this in the crockpot? If so, how much?

    • Rachel Schultz

      You do not need to.

  • Catherine

    My pork is only 1.30lbs. Should I change the amount of time it is cooked in the crock pot?

  • Anonymous

    My pork is only 1.30 lbs. should I change the amount of time it is cooked?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I would try the same time, but just be sure to check for done-ness.

  • I would like to know how to save your recipes.I am making this recipe tomorrow.Can’t wait to eat it.Love all your food.glad I found your blog.

  • Nickki

    Hey I was wondering if there was a substitute for the pork loin. (some of my family doesn’t eat pork but love the recipe idea)

    • patricia

      turkey breast add a little apple juice and some garlic gloves

  • Nikki

    What would you suggest the best side dish would be to accompany this dish? Thanks – making it tomorrow!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Mashed potatoes or something else neutral because the pork itself is very flavorful.

  • Anonymous

    Can this be made in an oven instead of slow cooker?

  • Sarah

    Making this for tonight…can’t wait for dinner!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Hope it’s great!


  • I HATE onions. What might be a good substitute?

    • Maybe red potatoes!


      • Lauren

        I didn’t have onions, so I am using carrots! We’ll see how it turns out.


  • Anonymous

    I plan to try this within the next few days.

  • Anonymous

    Do you need to add any liquid?

  • Love the pic on your wood topped table!

    • Thanks, Rebecca! It’s the table that keeps on giving :)


      • Anonymous

        Trying it right now. Wouldn’t you say is was a “giving tree” lol. That’s how you got the table. Let me digress. The pork smells and looks great. Thank a bunch.

  • I’m going to try this one out! Thanks!

    • Great! Hope it’s a success.


      • Amy

        Mine is in the crockpot right now. I did not add liquid, I will write how it turned out.

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