September 23, 2012

This will probably come as a huge shock to exactly no one, but I love cooking. I was almost disappointed by how easy this recipe was. There is barely any cooking to be done. In fact, if you want to send a less-than-recipe-savvy dude into the kitchen, he will probably be able to whip these up pretty handily on his own.

Oh, and in case you needed just ONE more reason to make these already fabulous treats, each lemon bar is only 168 calories.

Two Ingredient Lemon BarsTwo Ingredient Lemon Bars
Makes about 15 bars

1 box angel food cake mix (must be the one step, just-add-water kind)
22 ounces lemon pie filling

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cake mix and pie filling together in a large mixing bowl. Pour batter into greased 9×13 baking dish.

Bake for 30 minutes, or until lightly golden. Expect for these to be more of a cakey texture than other lemon bars. Top with powdered sugar, (but only if you do not have a problem with this recipe becoming a three ingredient endeavor.)

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  • 1 box angel food cake mix (must be the one step, just-add-water kind)
  • 22 ounces lemon pie filling
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine cake mix and pie filling together in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Pour batter into greased 9x13 baking dish.
  4. Bake for 30 minutes, or until lightly golden. Expect for these to be more of a cake-y texture than other lemon bars.
  5. Optional: top with powdered sugar.

Adapted from Practically Living.

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  • First time to make. Excellent flavor
    BUT are they supposed to shrink after they are cool? I need help.

  • Libby Butler

    I made this recipe and it came out puffed up like a soufflé. What did I do wrong? I followed exactly and it’s not like it’s complicated!

    • Heather

      Mine did too! I Don’t know how I messed it up.

  • Pat

    Just made these with angel food cake mix and 22 oz of lemon curd. Delicious. Came out more like bars than cake and tasted great! A little hard to cut but I took someone’s suggestion and sprayed Pam on the knife and was easier. Let them cool completely in pan. Love!

    • Michelle S Schimek-Johnson

      So where on this recipe does it say how many squares to cut???

  • jo anne

    can you use regular cake mix instead?

  • Becka Cross

    I tried these, and found I needed to make a substitution, since I could not find lemon pie filling. I made a small package of instant lemon pudding, and then whisked in a whole jar of lemon curd. It was fantastic!

  • Barbi Hudy

    Love these, made them today! Took five minutes to mix and 30 to bake — love the lemony taste! Kroger (here in Texas) has a lemon pie filling that is perfect for this mix. Thank you for the recipe! I am wondering, have you freezed it at all? I am thinking of cutting it into squares and freezing some of it but not sure how it will freeze up, although I think it will be fine :)

    Thanks again!

  • Robin Abbott

    I did this today and used keylime filling instead of Lemon. It was awesome.

  • Karen

    Has anyone tried this with a regular white cake mix? I can’t seem to find angel food mix in my grocery store.

    • Esker Harrison

      Walmart. Betty Crocker

  • Mary

    I’m new at this so … Can one use the boxed lemon “Jell-o” instant pudding mix? If so, how many boxes, the 1 oz box makes 4- 1/2 cup settings. I was thinking two maybe?

    I love these recipes, can’t wait to begin!!!!

  • Teri

    I just made these and wasn’t expecting them to rise to the top of the pan. Thought it would be more like lemon bars. Have yet to taste it, but I’m sure a lemon angel food cake would still be good. The recipe is somewhat misleading if you are expecting lemon bars.

  • Angie

    Delicious! I had the cake mix but not the pie filling, so used some orange curd from my fridge. Wonderful tasting like that, so naturally I had to get another cake mix and make a second batch with homemade lemon pie filling. Now I want more cake mixes so I can try all the recipes I can find.

  • PJ

    Just made these as directed in recipe. They are nice and lemony. They do puff up in bowl so blended quickly and into pan. Turned out great. Shared with my neighbor . Going to try with key lime, apple and peach pie fillings. May try with crushed pineapple, my precious stepmother made the best pineapple bundt cake. Good memories. She was a scratch cook. I use to be!!! Thanks foe your recipes.

  • Giulietta

    I didn’t have lemon pie filling but I did have some lemons so I made a pie filling and combined it with a box of angel food cake. It is sooo light and delicious – it’s hard to stop eating it! Next time I will add less sugar to the pie filling when I make it so it will have more tang. Also, try adding zested lemon rind to the mix for a brighter flavor.

  • mary

    ccan you use regular cake mix?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I have not tried this. I am not sure if it would come out the same.

  • Ok, making them now, but made a little oops!! The can of lemon was only 15 oz and not 22! I hope it still comes out, but for next time can you all tell me where you’re getting the 22oz? I had to get the 15oz at Target because I couldn’t find it or any lemon pie filling anywhere else. Thanks

    • Wendy

      The $99 Cent Store (So. Cali) has 22oz lemon pie filling for .99

    • Doris

      U can get lemon pie filling at the bulk food store

  • Nancy

    I made these with raspberry pie filling for a big party 83 people, everyone loved them. My cousin said she makes them with pineapple and they are delicious also

  • Lynne

    I made these today according to Rachel’s very simple directions except that I used 22 oz of Key Lime pie filling instead of lemon. The bars were terrific. They were not cakey as some of have said. They didn’t rise over the edges of the pan and cut perfectly while still somewhat warm. I can’t say how they keep since they were eaten pretty quickly.
    This was a winner for me. Thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Lynne!

    • Anonymous

      What’s the nutritional value of these bars?

  • Kristie R

    I tried this tonight for the first time ever and it is delightful! Just follow the directions. 1 box of angel food cake mix (the kind that calls for water) and 1 22oz can of lemon pie filling. Mix and bake. It really is THAT SIMPLE.

    What I got was a Lemon Sponge that is light, fluffy and delicious! A berry compote would have been delightful on top but the powdered sugar works nicely too.

    I used Vegetable shortening to prepare my 9×13 cake pan and it gave the edges a bit of crunch which was also wonderful!

    Thank you so much for teaching me this new yummy dessert trick!

  • CYNM

    Whatever you do, do not try these at high altitude. (8,500ft.) Yummy batter but explosive in oven. What a mess………..

  • Judy Gambrel

    I saw key lime pie filling today. I wonder if that would work as well as the lemon? If so, that sounds like a refreshing and light treat for summer!

  • Pam

    It was nice out of the oven but does NOY keep well. It turns gelatinous.

  • How could these be that great? I am a baker at heart….two ingredients? Well it drew me in and I made these and I was delighted! Don’t try to add this or that just make it according to directions… whole family said these are to die for! When in doubt what else to add (like water). go back and read original recipe. Thank you for posting this recipe that I will make over and over!

  • Anonymous

    It just turns out like lemon cake. Not gooey like lemon bars at all.

    • Tammie Schaffer

      I tried a similar recipe or lemon bars that was made with the cake mix and 2 cans of the lemon pie filling. They were gooey.

  • Nancy

    I want to know if these 2 ingredients lemon anglefood bars can be made a few days in advance or will they become soggy? Can they be frozen and thawed to keep them from becomong soggy or will that only make things worse.Worest case is I have to bake them the night before. Will they be OK to use for a noon reception the following day?I would like to make them for this Sunday 5-15-16.Thanks

  • Sonja

    Followed recipe exactly. PERFECT

  • Dijjett

    I made this I really enjoyed it!!!!!!! HOWEVER I would change it to
    Three ING and add cool whip(fat free or sugar free)Save out two tlb of the lemon when its all done cool layer with the cool whip and add little dabs of the lemon filling on top Just cause it would be another desert from the base one Thanks for the recipe we had fun with this one.

  • Janet

    Just made these. How easy is that?
    I know everyone kept saying cake-like, but I was still(?) expecting some sort of a gelatin-like base. Wrong. They come out as Lemon Angel Food cake bars. They are REALLY good!! I also have learned the hard way- cut them into bars with a plastic knife; it slides right through making a clean cut. Thanks for this recipe- it is a keeper!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely Lemon Angelfood…but nothing wrong with that!

  • Sherry

    Easy! Mix a box of angel food cake mix (the “just add water” variety) and a 22 ounce can of lemon pie filling. As I started mixing the 2 together, it began rising in the bowl. I used a 9×13″ glass cake pan, sprayed with cooking spray with flour. The batter rose above the pan like a souffle’, but did not run over. It is cooling now, and shrinking down. I am hoping that it will be somewhat chewy and less cake-like, otherwise, I would prefer a more traditional lemon bar recipe. Taking this to my neighbor’s Easter brunch tomorrow. Wonderful, easy to use site from my iPad! Thank you!

  • Lizzy

    Found this recipe last night and I have cooked it tonight and the resulting cakey-bars are now cooling.

    I have one question: Do you cool this in the pan or turn it out and cool it on a rack?

  • Kim

    Easy, yummy recipe! For those who need a little more direction: 2. Open box of cake mix. Pour cake mix (powder)into a bowl. Open can of pie filling, pour on top of powdered cake mix. Stir only these 2 ingredients together and pour into your baking dish. Do not add water. Only the powdered cake mix and the lemon pie filling. Nothing else. (there is an easy pumpkin cookie recipe that takes only a dry spice cake mix blended with a can of pumpkin pie filling-also no eggs or water required)

    • patricia stahnecker

      Thank you so much for telling me that you do not add water to the cake mix. that was so helpful.

    • kay

      THANK YOU I was confused if to add water or not.

  • Martha

    The lemon pudding comes in a can like other fruit pie fillings. I think people are getting it confused and are trying to use powered lemon jello.

  • Linda

    My mother gave me this recipe back in the 70s and loved it then and love it now. We always got good compliments when we served it at the many parties we had. The thing I cant seem to understand is how you can mess up a recipe that says two ingredient. There wasn’t anything other than the cake mix and canned pie filling to put together. Maybe it is because I have been cooking for 50″ years and understand how recipes read and go together. Thanks for the recipe again because I had forgotten how long to bake.

  • Desiree

    I made this today and I believe most of the people who made this dessert used the 440z of the pie filling that is why they had a problem. just used one 22 oz can of pie filling and you w,ill have a wonderful dessert, thank you for shearing your recipe.

  • Mary

    What an unfortunate event when a dessert I make makes soooo much that I have to split the recipe between two pans. this should prevent any overrun into your oven and maybe you could share #2 pan with your neighbor or co-workers! I think you are adorable! thank you for sharing

  • Laura Pittington

    What about if you made it in the jelly roll pan, baked at 350F, cooled it and spread it with lemon curd, rolled it up and cut into pinwheels!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Fun idea!

    • Pam

      I always use a jelly roll pan, approx. 11×17, sizes vary a bit. They turn out great.

  • Jen

    Please accept my sincere apology for the snarky comment. Your recipes truly look great.

  • Linda

    Your ‘PRINT’ button for just the recipe does not work :(

  • Joyce Shelton

    Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix used to say 1 step on the front of the box. The new packaging now says just add water for the instructions to make the cake as shown on the box. This bar recipe only uses the cake mix and lemon pie filling. My family has made these for years and our original recipe called to bake it in a jelly roll pan (11×16 inch)and it takes a bit less time but bake them until lightly golden brown. We always sprinkled powdered sugar on the top. Yum.

    • lea

      Are these lemon bars more like a bar than a cake if you bake them in the 11×16 sheet instead of the 9×13 cake pan? Thanks!

    • Leslie

      Woops, I added water. It never said not to. Guess ilk be serving lemon pudding tonight.

  • Susan

    I made this today and it did not run over, it was easy to follow the directions and my mom and I bothe enjoyed the taste. I’m not sure why everyone thought it was so difficult but I appreciate your recipes. I do agree it tastes more like cake than bars but it’s still yummy. Thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Susan!

  • Susan

    Made these today. Taking into consideration what several posts said about it running over, I placed the pan on a large cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil. I was happy to say it did not overflow and turned out quite nice. They smell delicious and can’t wait for them to be cool enough to eat.

  • Joan

    I made these yesterday. They are yummy. However, the mix rose far above the dish, ran all over my oven,and burned on all over the oven floor. What a mess. Spent hours cleaning up. Very good bars, but, so not worth the mess.

    • Kate

      I do a lot of baking and I always have foil covering the bottom of my oven. When something runs over, it is very easy to pick up the soiled foil and replace. That way your oven always is clean.

      • peggy

        my new oven say not to use foil on bottom of oven.

  • Amy

    Why is it so hard to understand/follow directions?? The recipe says MIX 1 22 JAR LEMON PIE FILLING AND ONE ANGEL FOOD CAKE MIX. THE END.

    • Amber

      Great recipe. Didn’t expect to read the first comment and feel such hate from a post. Amy, maybe keep it nice to those who questions seem irritating

  • Lyssa

    I currently have these in the oven but they have risen way higher than the pan so I’m a little worried about how they will set once they are out of the oven and cool down.
    FOR ANYONE WHO IS CONFUSED, YOU DO NOT ADD ANY WATER. just a pie filling angel food cake mix:)

  • Can you tell me what do you mean the 1 step kind. Do I follow the box recipe?
    Thank you.

    • Sherry

      Buy the “just add water” type of cake mix, but don’t follow the box recipe. Dump the dry mix into the bowl and add the can of lemon pie filling.

  • Janet

    I make a similar cake using an angel food cake mix (white) and a can of crushed pineapple (juice and all). Bake as shown on the box. This makes a super moist and delicious cake! Going to try it with Cherry pie filling instead of the lemon and see how that turns out. Stay tuned!

    • Debi

      I love pineapple. Do you bake it at the same temperature and same amount of time?

    • linda O

      what size can of pineapple?

  • can i use an angel food tube cake pan instead of the layer cake pan. I’m worried about it overflowing in the oven.

  • Cathy

    Have you tried this with any other canned pie filling?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I have not.

    • Jennifer

      I have used several other flavors of pie fillings. Blueberry is my fave. But I only use 1 can, it tastes much better with only 1 can and is more cake like.

  • Debbie

    I was really excited to try this, as I love lemon anything. Disappointed at the results. the cake had risen way above the edge of dish. when cooled the cake fell. What had risen above the dish was baked on the dish. However, the flavor was yummy! Consistency was more like a lemon pie in a cake dish, with out the crust. May have to try some different versions because I like this idea.

    • wendy

      Maybe you could try less filling. It would likely make the mix more cake like.

  • Suzan

    do I follow the recipe on the angel food cake and pie filling…your instructions are not that clear.

    • Heather

      The recipe says to mix the cake mix with the pie filling. It’s seems too simple, I know =)…but I’ve made a version where you mix the angel food cake mix with a can of peaches or pineapple & bake it. That was really yummy! I haven’t made this version but I’m thinking I may try it tonight! I have a can of key lime pie filling & I’m thinking it would be tasty…good luck!

      • Heather

        Sorry that was a lot of “I’m thinkings” lol!

  • Amy

    I take it you follow the recipe on the cake box, or otherwise you wouldn’t have any liquid to mix ? or on the pudding box?

    • wendy

      DON”T follow the recipe on the box. The only liquid you will need is what is in the filling. NOT pudding, but filling.

  • kathy smith

    i have them in oven now i used 42oz hope they turn out will let ya know

  • Sarah

    The pin that led me to you had conflicting amounts of lemon filling – one part said 42 ounces, and another said 22, and then your blog says 22. They are in the oven now; I used 22 ounces and I have no idea what kind of angel food cake mix constitutes 1-step, but I wanted to verify the details, just in case this doesn’t go well! :) thanks!

    • Heather

      I believe I’ve seen an angel food cake mix that uses just water. It must be one of those…

  • Anonymous

    Although the recipe is indeed easy, they taste like lemon angel food cake and nothing like the traditional lemon bars. I would not this recipe again.

    • Lois

      I have to agree. I used a Duncan Hines angel food cake mix. Put in bowl DRY and added the lemon pie filling. Mixed and baked. Tasted more like lemon angel food cake than lemon bars. And not even that lemony! Next time will go long mix and baking. :(

  • Kelli

    Made these just as the recipe said to, but added 1/2 juiced lemon, 1 cup shredded coconut and 1 cup white chocolate chips. YUM!

  • Jackie

    I have a 430g box of angel food cake mix and 212g box of Dr. Oetker Sherriff Lemon pie mix, will I be able to make there delicious sounding squares, or do I have to double something. Need to know as soon as possible please I would appreciate this very much Jackie

    • jeannette

      ihave212 grams of lemon pie filling what size angel food cake should I buy

  • Mo'Nique

    This is my first time making these I hope they turn out right!!

    • jeannette

      when making the squares do I add the water to the cake mix

      it does not state that in the recipe you give – only to mix the two ingredients

  • mary bronson

    You likely know this but if you use a sifter or a strainer your icing sugar goes on top of squares nice and evenly. I tried this recipe but added water to cake mix which was a mistake. The squares turned out like rubber.

  • Tricia

    I’m thinking about making these for book club. Would they turn out okay if I used muffin tins to make individual muffins?

    • Alicia

      Did the muffins work? I was planning to try that as well.

  • hwy

  • Sheila

    I made these but I made them 3 ingredient, I added the zest and juice of a lemon. They are amazing!

    • Anonymous

      Thought about doing this too, but no lemon :^C

  • Shirl

    I have made these a many times. I like to add a handful of coconut to them and sometimes lemon zest and a little juice. I don’t put much powered sugar on top. (diet) These are so good and I love them out of the refrig. I use one can of the lemon pie filling and one box of angel food cake mix.(just add water type),but do NOT add any water. Thanks for this wonderful easy recipe! These will be perfect in the summertime when I am craving a lemon.

  • Gina

    Does anyone know if these taste good cold? I was planning on making them a day ahead and refridgerate them.

    • Anonymous

      These are wonderful cold. It seems to bring out the lemon flavor. I make mine with handful of coconut in the mixture and no powdered sugar. (diet) I like them out of the refrig cold better then warm.

  • Tim

    I’m a guy…this recipe sounded simple. All i need is a “one step” angle food cake mix. My heart rate was stable until I opened the angle food cake box and there were two packages inside. I have been unable to determine the difference between a one step and two step angle food cake mix. Please advise, Tim

    • Anonymous

      One step would be a box mix that says just add water, but all you need is the mix and pie filling

    • Grandma Marge

      my angel food cake mix also had 2 packets inside:. A cake flour mixture and an egg white mixture packet. Not sure if I should mix them together or not.

  • Georgiann

    I’ve made these with strawberry and with blueberry pie filling instead of lemon and they have gotten rave reviews. It doesn’t get easier than this!!

  • donna

    Can’t wait to try!

  • Lynda Odland

    I think this is a great recipe when you are in a hurry. Spray a little Pam on a very sharp knife before cutting.

  • Carolyn Reed

    Mine were hard to cut without tearing them up what did you use to cut yours?

  • Carolyn Reed

    Just wondering about how you cut these. Mine didn'”t look as pretty

  • diane

    I can’t find lemon pie filling in any of the grocery stores around here. Can I use lemon Jello?
    thanks. dw

    • Rachel Schultz

      It’d be interesting to try! I’ve never used it, though. Let me know if you do… :)

      • Anonymous

        How about lemon pudding?

    • Martha

      The lemon comes in a Can in the pie filling section with other fruit filling. I think people are Confused and using powered lemon Jello.

    • Norma

      LOL, I used the pudding mix, cooked it let it cool and added it to the cake mix and it was like adding vinegar to baking soda it was raising up out of the bowl, even went over the cake pan I was baking it in, but it turned out pretty good. Had a hard time cutting also. I don’t think I used the just add water mix, didn’t know they had one like that.

  • Seahare

    Preparing for post surgery I’m making meals in a jar for the freezer and I think these might be great baked in the ‘sample’ half cup jars. I’m curious about how high these rise…double! triple? I could always trim any excess before putting the lids on, and am fully prepared to make that sacrifice, but also don’t want to eat more than I freeze. Thanks.

  • Linda Burdick

    I used 2 cans of 15 oz pie filling and they came out beautifully. I can’t find the 22 oz lemon pie filling. These are wonderful to take anywhere that you need a dessert. My neighbors always ask for them. They are even easier than a dump cake.

    • Wend

      Did yours turn out to be more like bars or cake?

  • Diane

    I found lemon and key lime pie filling at the dollar store…this stuff is 2-3 bucks at cub

  • Jackie

    They’re in the oven! Can’t wait! I put a little in a ramekin for me to try right away lol. Next time I think I’ll add poppy seeds too :) thanks for sharing.

  • kay

    great recipe…thaqnks

  • Nicole

    I bought the angel food cake that says simply add water. Do I add water? Or just mix the cake mix & filling? Thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Nope! No water.

      • Mary

        I don’t have Angel food cake mix. I only have the regular lemon cake mix. I need to make the lemon bars. Can I substitute the regular cake mix?

        • Emmy

          I would like to know this answer too. The angel food mix always has eggs and my little sister is vegan.

          • Anonymous

            The lemon filling also has eggs in it, so not vegan.

        • Anonymous

          Hope you tried this with regular cake mix. Need to post how they came out ! Also, did you do it as “two ingredient”?

  • Anonymous

    I bought the angel food cake that says simply add water. Do I add
    water? Or just the mix with the lemon filling? Thanks!

  • Just made these added coconut and lemon zest hope it comes out yummy.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great ideas! Thanks.

  • I cannot wait to try this! I tried it before with the apple pie filling but I never thought to go lemon! Thanks for a great idea and blog!

  • tk smith

    Wonder if there could be a third ingredient to make this more dense and bar like? Has anyone experimented?

    • Anonymous

      I used 2 cans of lemon pie filling and these turned out great.

  • I am going to give this a try over the weekend…. I love lemons and this should a real treat for company

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone think this could be pulled off with low-fat lemon pudding instead of the pie filling? Trying to save on calories and fat! :) Really looking forward to making them though! :)

  • Claudia

    This is the recipe I was looking for!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried this with the two bags angel food cake mix and with boxed pie filling mix. While both came out ok my best was with canned filling and one step box mix. My husband thought it needed a little something else so I added a graham cracker crust and they were fantastic! Can’t wait to try other flavors!

  • jp

    Omg!!! Made this last night with lemon pie filling and it was light..fluffy..not overly husband loved it too!!! Its a great recipe for unexpected guest too…will keep as staple in my pantry!!! Thanks sooooo much……

  • Fabulous and low fat

  • Olymphia King

    Made these for mothers day and they were a hit. I was just scared when it rose so high in the post more of these for non cooks like me.

  • Connie Sloan

    i made it with 2 cans of blueberry filling. Cake rose up nice and high in oven and after removed sunk way down. Result: Delicious. Next I will make with just one can of lemon and see what the difference is. Wondering: Everyone says to grease pan. If you make angel food cake mix; you do not grease so cake sticks to side of pan and rises.

  • Stacey

    Just baked these again…only this time used key lime filling. They smell amazing.

  • Stacey

    This was delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  • Tammy

    I made these and had no one step angel food cake mix, I only had white cake mix, it worked wonderfully….just add the lemon to cake powder and nothing else….thanks for sharing…

    • Rachel Schultz

      You’re welcome!

    • Emmy

      Thank you Tammy!!!

  • patty

    I found the lemon pie filling at Dollar Tree.

  • Anonymous

    Do you prepare the cake according to the directions on the box or just mix wth lemon and poof your done

    • Rachel Schultz

      Just with the lemon! It’s crazy, right?

    • Tammy

      just mix, and poof you’re done :)

  • Teresa

    I am so curious to try regular cake mix instead of Angel Food. Will this be ok? I’ve got both ingredients sitting out now waiting to fix!!

    • Anonymous

      You have to use Angel food cake mix for these types of cakes!

  • alison d

    My puffed up in the pan did anyone else have this happen?

    • Anonymous

      Mine is does it settle down?

    • Ceann

      Just made for first time, but used jello pie filling mix (mixed with 2 cups milk) then added the angel food mix, puffed up over pan too, thought I have done something wrong too. How id yours turn out?

  • Debi Hurlbert

    Fixed these today for Easter. Easy and delicious!

  • Rose

    I have made this type of angel food cake many times with cherry pie filling and apple pie filling…even with a large can of pineapple (juice and all). I always put that in a bundt pan or angel food pan. I love this new and different twist!

    • Rona

      I just went to the store and they were all out of lemon and I ended up with strawberry. I was hoping I would read that someone else had tried something other than lemon, thanks!

  • Craig

    Because it Easter I’m going to a confetti Angel food mix…Should look cool!!

    • Dawn

      I was just thinking to do the same for this Easter – wondering how yours turned out…?

  • Kelly

    Rachel – My store only had the 15.75 oz lemon pie filling!! While I bought two cans, what am I to do with the excess?? I’d hate to waste it!! Would using less lemon make the bars less “wobbly” as Karen had mentioned above?

    • Lina

      You could useit to frost the cake or make a lemony cream cheese icing.

    • Anonymous

      I use the two 15 oz pie filling and it comes out beautiful!

  • Karen

    I am about to pull them from the oven and they are still very wobbly in the center. Are they supposed to be this way and then drop as they cool?

    • Kelly

      Karen, I; curious – How did they turn out??

  • Carol

    I am so excited to try this for Easter (Tomorrow)!!

    My local store did not have lemon pie filling, Will prepared Jello Pie Filling work?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I think it should!

  • Sarah

    Can you use any other boxed cake mixes. I only have the butter cake mix?

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Oooo, I LOVE This!

    Lemony and Oh-so-Sweet.

  • Found your link via Pinterest. This recipe is perfect for ApronFreeCooking! My dad has been in the hospital with complications to chemo treatments and the only things he’s found that taste good – diced peaches and lemon bars. I’m making this recipe for him this weekend!


    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s great; I hope he loves it.

  • Alicia

    My angel food cake mix box has 2 different pouches…1 is cake flour mixture and the other is powdered egg white mixture. Do I use both pouches?? Help…oven is already on! Alicia

    • Rachel Schultz

      The one step kind is ideal, but it might work!

    • Elaine

      I used the two part angel food cake mix because that is what I had on hand. It tasted good but it was very heavy, not light like I read it was suppose to be.

  • Katdaddy

    Hi, I made this with the 1 step box of angel food cake, and 2 jars (10.5 oz) Lemon Curd, and 1/4 cup of water.

    Used a whisk, and popped it in for 20 minutes on 350. Checked it a few times. Nice and browned, gonna cut into it soon.

    Please remember that even though it’s out of a box, angel food cake still collapses really fast when disturbed or checked over and over again, however I think I prefer this recipe this way after tinkering with it.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Nice tips, thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Ha Ha I just did the same thing. My oven may run a little hotter since they cooked a little faster. Waiting for them to cool…..

    • Anonymous

      Ha Ha I just did the same thing. I think 20 minutes is good. With 30 mine are a little dark. Waiting for hem to cool…..

    • Linda

      So it has risen over the pan… will I end up with a flop? I used a 1 step cake mix. ????

      • Anonymous

        Mine is over the pan too.

  • Lu

    I just pulled this out of the oven and even my “lemon-bar loving” husband (who was NOT excited about me messing with his lemon bars) was amazed…he couldn’t get over how delicious they looked and he’s standing over the pan just waiting to be able to cut into them.

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s great!

  • Cynthia

    Looks very good, and sounds easy to make. So do you grease the pan or not? The recipe states you do, but reading the comments, some have said don’t grease the pan.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I did and it worked for me!

      • Cynthia

        Thanks for responding. In the oven now, didn’t grease the pan so I hope it works out.

  • Rhonda

    Can you use Jello lemon pudding/pie filling mix. I could not find canned lemon pie filling. I am going to make the pudding as directed and then mix it with the cake mix and back as you directed. I hope it turns out.

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Sher

    I used 1-step angel food cake mix and the 15.75 ounce can of lemon pie filling – i added 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to make up for not having a 22 ounce can of pie filling. Turned out perfectly! Great recipe, thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great! You’re welcome.

  • Brandi

    How long do they last? And how should I store them?

  • Alyssa

    Do these need to be refrigerated?

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Nancy

    Made these. They are the easiest to make and awesomely good!

  • Loree

    definitely make these in a jelly roll size pan, otherwise it will rise to the top of 9×13 and looks like cake, rather than bars..

  • mommaw

    The cake mix is it the one that says just add wster but actually you don’t right

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Yvonne

    going in the oven now. I too only found the 15.75 oz can of pie filling, so I hope this works. Will let you know.

  • Veronica

    My coworker brought these in today for a pot luck. They are so good. Addicting really. I can’t wait to make them at home for my family.

  • Barbara Fessler

    Like Pat mine flopped but if I would have read a bit further I would have gotten one step cake mix. I didn’t realize there was such a thing. Either way they are very good.

  • Leslie

    I made these tonight – I was making two batches, so my list included having to get 4 cans of lemon pie filling because the cans were each 15.75 ounces. Then I bought two boxes of Angel Food Cake. Just so I am clear on this… the angel food mix goes in the bowl and then 22 ounces of pie filling right? I didn’t need to add the water that was called for on the back of the angel food mix box? lol Cause I didn’t, so not sure if mine are what they are supposed to be. I am not normally a baker so when I am reading in the comments about getting the 1 step and 2 step boxes – well you lost me. :)

    Some other recipes I have found only call for a can/15 ounces of lemon pie filling. But you reference 22 ounces with 1 can. Did I follow yours correctly, or did I put too much in when I followed the 22 ounces?

    I am sure I am over thinking this – but after seeing different recipes, people commenting on their failing and not seeing where they might have gone wrong – I am just worried for my office potluck tomorrow. LOL, might have to run to the store to find some vanilla or lemon frosting to top these off with.

    Mine are very dense and sponge like.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Hope it turned out well! Yes, You do not need to add the water the box mix calls for.

  • Beth

    Made these last night. SUCCESS! They were perfection!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great! Thanks Beth.

  • Pat

    I just made these according to the directions and they “flopped”…literally flopped! They came out of the oven puffed up and the more minutes that went by, they whole thing just sunk “flat as a pancake”! I am so disappointed! I checked the dates on the box and can and they are all current? I don’t know what the heck happened? They are sorta edible, but I wouldn’t serve them to anyone.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Sorry to hear that. Did you use 1-step cake mix?

  • OMG! These bars are so good and sooo easy to make! My husbands new favorite :) Want to try with another filling too.

  • Anonymous

    Could you use other flavor pie fillings?

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Sandy

    I have made this with cherry pie filling and also another time with crushed pineapple (don’t drain!). I often put the batter into a cupcake tin with paper liners. Makes great individual servings.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great ideas, thank you!

  • JAS

    I just made these. I dont think they turned out like yours. They are good, but SWEET!! I think I may have over beat the mix. They are too fluffy!! But they are good!

  • Lindsey

    Just made these! So good!!!!

  • Sara

    My family has made these for years – but we spread the batter in a jelly roll pan (thinner bars) and frost with cream cheese frosting. Delicious!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great ideas! Thanks.

  • sarah

    Just curious how you came up with the calories for each bar? I want to make sure mine are the same. I only found one can of lemon pie filling and it has a lot of calories!… and the angel food cake has about 140 per serving by itself….

    • Rachel Schultz

      I just went by the caloric content of the cake mix and the pie filling. There is probably some variance among brands.

  • Nurseamberk

    These are amazIng!!! Just pulled them out of the oven!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s great to hear! Thank you.

  • Gina

    They taste yummy…just make sure you make in a deep enough pan. Mine rose over the side and spilled over on to the cookie sheet I had under the pan.

  • kate

    No eggs or anything?

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Follow the instructions !!! just two ingredients !! no water, no pam, no anything else. i have tried variations
    and the best way IS the easiest way = just a box of one step angel food, and one can of lemon pie filling.
    that is how they come out the best, and absolutely no skills necesarry = :)
    ps… just sprinkle powerded sugar on them when done, so people will think you did some work making them !

    • Rachel Schultz

      Good tips, Wendy. Thanks.

  • stacy

    Sounded yummy and simple but mine flopped big time. I am however going to try again. I did oil my pan (wont do that again). I used the two step box of angel food cake (I will try the one step). I double checked the expiration date on the cake and pie filling and they were good. They tasted ok but smelled horrible we couldn’t get over the smell so threw them all away!!! I WILL TRY AGAIN!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      I think the one step mix is the secret!

      • stacy

        Made this again and it was much better. Its a simple easy two ingredient recipe. Not gourmet but a good lemon dessert.

  • Gayle

    How do you pull the reciepe for the lemon Bars up into one sheet instead of the pictures?
    I just wanted to print only the recipe.

    • Rachel Schultz

      There’s a green and gray button at the bottom of the post.

  • Jamie

    Turned out yummy! Did you refrigerate your when it was done? Thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      You don’t have to refrigerate these. Thanks!

  • Tami

    Can you sub lemon curd?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I’ve never tried that. I’m not sure.

  • Jamie

    Ooops.. did I buy the wrong ingredient after all? I was standing in the baking aisle kind of puzzled. I didn’t find lemon pie filling – you would think it would be easy to find.. is that JELLO? I bought Pillsbury lemon frosting. Can I use lemon frosting instead of pie filling? baaah

    • Jamie

      Never mind! I found it! It was on the other side of the aisle! :) hehe :~) can’t wait to try it

    • Rachel Schultz

      I’ve only used pie filling before.

  • Renee

    Whatever you do, don’t put this in a bunt pan ! I royally messed it up!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Uh oh! Good to know.

  • Stephanie

    I’m headed to the store now to buy the cake mix and lemon filling……can’t wait to try these!!! Thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      You’re welcome! Hope they’re great :)

  • outstanding

  • What size pan did you use ???

    • Anonymous

      it says 9×13

  • not a baker.. but I am hoping not even I can mess these up! looks easy and tasty.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lar

    cool stuff

  • Peggy

    Do you have a friendly printable version to your recipes?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, click the green and gray printerfriendly icon at the bottom of each post.

  • love love the lemon bars

  • OMG!! So good and easy! Thanks so much!

    • Rachel Schultz

      You’re welcome!

  • Lacy

    Just pulled these out of the oven. They look and smell amazing! Hubby gets home from work in about half an hour. Hope we both like them!! :D

  • Betty Lamoreau

    It is amazing what you can do with an angel food mix! Other delicious 2-ingredient “recipes” pair the mix with a regular size can of crushed pineapple or a can of cherry or apple pie filling. No water, just the two ingredients! I don’t grease the pan, because the angel food needs to climb the walls of the pan to rise properly. When the cake is completely cool, cut into serving sized pieces and run a knife around the edges of the pan. Then remove the pieces with a pancake turner.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great tips. Thanks.


  • CJ

    I am assuming these lemon bars were made with the 1 step angel food? No additional water to the cake mix? Just dry cake mix and lemon pudding? Can they be made with 2 step angel food mix?

    • Lynnette

      I’m not sure either.

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s correct. I use the 1 step version. The 2 step kind turn out, but not as well.


  • Eileen Reid

    Added these to my XMass open house sweets tray for 2012!

    • Rachel Schultz

      yay! thanks ellen.


  • Anonymous

    I used lemon curd with a little water, maybe 1/4 cup, and we’ll see how they turned out. But since the spatula was OMG yummy, I can’t imagine how they’d flop!

    • Rachel Schultz

      excellent! hoping for the best.


  • <3 lemon <3

  • Dori

    Hi Rachel, I love, love, love anything lemon and this sure fits the bill for something quick and easy when I’m working a lot. Thanks for all your great recipes!

  • Those look really tasty. Must try them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Blimey! So simple. I’m very impressed and not too bad for you!

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