May 15, 2013

To quote a friend: I don’t eat desserts. Except when I do.

Accurate. Perhaps too accurate.

In my never-eat-dessert-unless-it’s-my-birthday (which ps: is today) world, I’ve been eating these for “dessert” every night all week. The only ingredients are banana, honey, olive oil, and cinnamon. All health beneficial and crispy-yummy. They’re amazing by themselves, or give a nice upgrade sprinkled over french toast.

"Fried" Honey Banana from Rachel Schultz

Serves 1

1 slightly under-ripened banana, sliced
1 tablespoon honey
Olive oil or coconut oil

Lightly drizzle olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Arrange banana slices in pan and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side.

"Fried" Honey Banana from Rachel Schultz

"Fried" Honey Banana from Rachel Schultz

Meanwhile, whisk together honey and 1 tablespoon of water. Remove pan from heat and pour honey mixture over banana.

"Fried" Honey Banana from Rachel Schultz

Allow to cool and sprinkle with cinnamon.

"Fried" Honey Banana from Rachel Schultz

4.5 from 60 reviews
"fried" honey banana
Serves: 1
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  1. Lightly drizzle oil in a skillet over medium heat.
  2. Arrange banana slices in pan and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side.
  3. Meanwhile, whisk together honey and 1 tablespoon of water.
  4. Remove pan from heat and pour honey mixture over banana.
  5. Allow to cool and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Adapted from Sarah Chouiery.


  • Anonymous

    Intresting thankyou forsharing.

  • Marie

    This looks like a great recipe. I will give it a go tonight….

  • Cheryl

    This sounds amazing! Yum…

  • Tayla

    These are delicious!

  • Mike P., NYC

    This is a great little treat. I recent used it to accompany cinnamon French Toast, and both wifey and I loved it. Can’t wait to make them again.

  • Anonymous

    We eat fried plantain (platano moduros) without honye. Yum. A latino dish from Venezuela.

  • Girl, I’mma make these tonight and top with ice cream! Out of this world in that combo!

  • […] just a handful of ingredients, these fried honey banana’s would taste amazing on their own, added to pancakes or on french toast. […]

  • Recipes sound great

  • angie

    Omg so so good

  • Anonymous

    About to make these baby’s

  • Ashley

    Just made this and wish I had read the comments first- my banana was too ripe to be crisp and I cut too thin, but it was still delish! Just one wonderful tip- grind the slightest bit of sea salt over the top- SO yummy!

  • stimo

    Great went down a treat

  • I put the bananas on top of my pancakes and they were absolutely stunning.

  • Kathy Fiascone

    Yummy! Thanks for the great how-to photos, they were very helpful.
    I added my raw organic honey and walnuts to the bananas at the end of their sauté time. The honey caramelized after I removed the bananas from the pan. For my college son and a friend, I put this over vanilla ice cream. It was a delicious dessert ~ decadent I would say. And they gave it RAVE reviews!
    I am pinning this to my ‘I did that’ board on Pinterest now.

  • Mary Pieber


  • Ryan

    Omg! These were amazing! I used olive oil cooking spray (0 cal) and an under ripened banana (the top was still green and whole banana was firm) that was cut about 1/2 an inch per slice and they turned out firm and crisp on the outside and melted in your mouth! Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous


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  • April

    This was okay…my toddler loved it, but I expected the bananas to get crispy. They were just soft instead. I think I would have liked it if they were crispy instead of soft.

    • Jennifer

      This was my issue as well but I think it’s because the bananas were too ripe. I’m going to try it again with less ripe bananas

  • This looks so sinfully delicious. But, it is just bananas! Therefore, a healthier sinful dessert, right? Haha.

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  • Anna

    Love all your recipes. Gonna try the banana
    My favorite.

  • Amanda Ashley


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    recipe project.

    I’m putting together some of the best paleo recipes on the
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  • Junior

    Used it for my school project we one

  • I look forward to trying this!

  • Look forward to trying this one.

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  • these look delicious, definitely giving me lots of inspiration for future recipes. thanks for sharing. I’ve recently started a blog and i’m enjoying looking through your archives. please pop over and visit it if you have the time.

  • Daniella

    Just made this and it’s AMAZING !!!! Topped it with some Ben and Jerry’s frozen caramel and honey yoghurt, works really well !!!!

    I find eating healthy extremely difficult as I am an emotional eater and am currently going through a very difficult time yet this is going to be a saviour!!!

    Thanks for sharing !!!


  • Mary

    I was hungrily watching Food Network and my thoughts were drifting to the ripening bananas on the counter. After a particularly impressive display of pan-searing, I decided to Google the two and voilà, your page popped up!

    I have to say, this recipe is absolutely delicious. My bananas were also a gooey, overripe mess, but I just layered it in a short glass with whipped cream parfait-style and sprinkled the cinnamon on top. FREAKING DELICIOUS. I will be making it again soon. :)

    (Also, I used mesquite honey since that’s what was in the cupboard. It was good.)

  • Anonymous

    Just made this with my mother! YUMMY! thanks for sharing this recipe so I could try this yummy little snack. <3

  • Susu

    I made this recipe today. So simple and yet so yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Leesa

    I’m not sure what happened to mine, but it was a gooey, sticky mess. The bananas fell apart and were just mush. It tasted good, but I can’t serve it like this to my Mother In Law! Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the bananas were too ripe?

    • Daniella

      I kept my banana in the fridge…. And use a spray to cook with !!!

  • CeCe

    Just gotta try, Looks so delish!!

  • These look easy to make and tasty, thanks for sharing! :9

  • Anonymous

    Wow! These were SO good!

  • yumtum

    can you use vegetable oil instead of olive oil??????????????????
    plz reply soon!!!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think vegetable oil is paleo friendly. Coconut oil and bananas sounds amazing

  • katie

    amazing i’m definatly going to try this

  • yumtum

    can u use vegetable oil instead of olive oil plz reply soon!

    • edward

      I find that veggie oil is really good for frying vegetables only !!! Fruits and nuts go great with olive and coconut oil they have a higher heat ability.

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