September 18, 2014

Okay, I’m not a seamstress. I have a very basic knowledge of sewing. Most of the things I try are pretty self-taught or trial and error. But take heart! Because I do okay and so even if you’re not a master of the craft, you can do this project. With no pattern! I started by going to Jo-Ann’s to search for a pattern. Yes, they had one, but it was something crazy like $17. When I looked over it, it was so simple, I knew I could do it myself.

IF YOU CAN CUT RECTANGLES AND SEW IN A STRAIGHT-ISH LINE, YOU CAN DO THIS. I’ve seen lots of nurseries with a very minimalist look that skipped the skirt all together.

While I love that look, as apartment dwellers, we need to take advantage of all the hidden storage we can, including under the crib.

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Once all the bare bones were sewn together I wanted to add a little bit more detail. This pom pom was only $4 a yard (plus I probably used a coupon.)

I sewed it on with a zig zag stitch and left a little trim folded around the edge to prevent fraying. The final product is fab, especially since even the most basic skirts at Babies ‘R’ Us are $30+.

It covers all the items under the crib and adds a cute additional texture. A couple other tiny things have happened in the nursery. First, I re-did the mobile (in the exact same way) with a new color. From the start, I knew I wasn’t satisfied with the pastels. Right away I felt this neutral, one color version suited the room much better.

We also got that cool abacus on the top shelf because baby needed at least one toy, right? Although we are toy minimalists. I’m sure I’ll talk about this more later, but we see our little one have like, five toys. You can barely see, but the top shelf of orange bookshelf is left open for curating those play-things.

And lastly, I added a little battery operated clip on light to the shelving. This room has no outlets, but I wanted there to be another option than the harsh overhead light for middle of the night feedings. Must be gentle on the sweet one’s eyes.

The only thing still irking me about the room is the bare wall opposite the door. There is art on the left, but I just feel that the wall NEEDS something. I’d love to hang some cute prints, but David is skeptical of the safety in case they fall on baby. Does anyone have experience with hanging art directly over cribs? Is that a no-no?

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  • Bethany

    Hi Rachel! My hubby had the same concerns about hanging art over the crib wall. We solved it by choosing a cute large-ish stick-on wall appliqué in the shape of a yellow submarine (we had a bit of a Beatles theme going). Not sure if that would be a problem for your landlord or not. I believe you coul probably just paint right over it when you move out. We got our wall appliqué from Etsy. Congrats to your family on your soon-to-arrive little one! Love your blog. By the way, we have TWO of the red Paterson Collection rugs in our home (large one in the living room and a 5×7 in our bedroom). Your endorsement of the rugs made me decide to go for it, and I have really enjoyed the extra pop of red in both those rooms for a reasonable price. :)

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s great Bethany! Thanks so much.

  • Why not do a mural instead? Or decals? That way there are no potential art falling problems.

  • why was the decision made to not have the skirt come to the floor? I love the addition of the poms.

    • Rachel Schultz

      The crib is adjustable, so I wanted it to touch the floor when at its lowest setting. Right now it is at its highest.

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