July 20, 2020

Art project, matching memory game, and counting practice all in one. That last one was really fun and sweet for the toddler age. Also a summer theme!! We used simple water colors with different shades of red, pink and green which made them turn out really pretty. We have been watercoloring a lot lately and my set is almost out. I may be ordering this one with some good shades, while still kid friendly on amazon soon. I recently got a three inch circle punch and am delighted and surprised by the number of uses I find for it. It’s not too expensive and just handy to have.

One tip is to rubber band them as soon as you’re done or they kind of end up everywhere as watermelon decorations!


  1. white paper
  2. circle punch
  3. scissors
  4. watercolors
  5. brushes
  6. black marker


  1. Cut out circles out of white paper, approximately three inches in diameter. This could be using a circle punch or freehand with scissors.
  2. Paint a circle around perimeter in shades of green.
  3. Paint inside of circle with shades of red and pink.
  4. Once dry, draw same number of seeds on each side of watermelon.
  5. Cut watermelons in half.

We made eight pairs in total, but you could make as few or as many for your game as you like.

You may also like this painted binoculars craft, circle rainbowshow to actually do some art with children, and favorite kid art supplies that make it easy.

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  • Judy Snow

    Love this, Rachel! I’m going to make a set with my granddaughters, then play the matching games! Thanks for sharing!

    • Rachel Schultz

      So wonderful! You’re welcome Judy <3

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