February 9, 2021

I like buying chairs and sofas at ikea because WASHABLE SLIP COVERS of course. Some time ago I purchased the ikea harlanda loveseat. The harlanda caught my eye when I needed something for our living room because it has a really classic chesterfield sofa profile. I of course love chesterfields in leather, but this white linen version was fun too. Now, the harlanda’s back cushions are kind of weird. They are just like three big, unattached pillows. For looks, it’s not terrible ugly, but maybe a little bad 1990’s to me.

This replacement that I think adds a lot of personality, some color, and makes the loveseat feel really unique.

ALSO because of ikea and their piecemeal-y ways, I could return just the back cushions of the sofa and got like, $60 back, which mostly paid for my new pillows from amazon, a pleasant only $15 each.

These are the pretty velvet round navy pillows I found, and you heard that right, they were delightfully available on prime. They come in sets of two. I wanted five, so I ordered three packs and popped the extra one in the office. Navy goes everywhere.

They had a little tag on them that I carefully cut of and it isn’t noticeable.

They are nice and firm which is good for this back cushion application. Thank you $15 and quality round pillows with retro personality for my living room.

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  • The sofas are beautiful to look at. I like this type of sofa a lot. I want to buy this type of sofa for my room.

  • Sandra T.

    I love IKEA too. The couches with washable covers are a God-send to pet owners, and white is amazingly useable! But I hate those loose back pillows for couches or chairs. I call them nuisance pillows, as they never stay put. I have loved the EKTORP since it came out, (the pillows seem to stay where needed) but that Harlanda looks pretty sweet. Nice change!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you sandra!

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