November 15, 2018

Alternate Title: “I Guess Faucets Aren’t Expensive?” I just thought a not ugly kitchen faucet was going to be a few hundred. Not sure if that was never accurate or if the home depot and lowe’s types are just improving their options. I really liked my pretty faucet for our powder room, so I felt hopeful home depot would have a good kitchen option too AND THEY DID. Guys, this faucet was SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS. I am so happy with it!

We could have done it sooner! It has inspired me to take the time in advance to check prices of things I am putting off because I think it will be expensive, but really may be no big deal.

Now we can discuss metal trends and how I think satin nickel has died.

First, there are a lot of differences in the old faucet we inherited from the previous owner and the new faucet. The size is much more elegant (and functional for cleaning big items!). And there are many more, better details. But, the most basic difference is the metal finish. Metals are so funny, and I completely think of them like wood tones for how their trends go. They just change like clockwork every ten years or so.

All of these orange wood kitchens people are trying to get rid of, at some point people were like “I just have to get that orange shade of wood for my kitchen cabinets!”

The same “orange wood” mood is my mood with satin nickel, so I’m saying bye. Right now what looks good to me is polished chrome. It is one of my favorite metals that I honestly think is the most timeless (maybe basic black too?) and always looks pretty good. But still, maybe I am biased slash an unreliable narrator.

Antique brass was or is very popular. I am wondering if it is starting to be done? I am not intentionally a very trend oriented person for my own choices (especially with clothes). I maybe even actively avoid really popular trends. But I do think phases of when people like and don’t like things is very interesting in a social-psychological way. And how much I am affected, like it or not. Like at one point in 2013 chevron looked so good to me. And now it completely doesn’t! Like, what changed? Just my state of mind I guess and maybe how many times I was exposed to it. Also I have a theory that in home decor what people generally like when they are 27-30 year olds is what they like until they are about 60 and then they make an update.

Our plumber was around to change our dishwasher hook up shortly after we did this and I asked him how much he would have charged to change a faucet. He said between $100 and $500, depending on how damaged the attachments are and if he has to drill them off. David did ours and it probably was about on par with the difficulty of changing a light fixture is as far as diy-ing goes.

Some people say kind of corny things like “the faucet is the statement necklace of the kitchen,” but whatever wording we go with it is a big detail that very much changes the vibe.

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