September 9, 2014

Whereas in our living room gallery we went very linear, I wanted something the total opposite in our bedroom for a more collected and casual feeling. We have a whole hodge podge of frames that we were storing and this look would be the right type of thing to get them all out and up on the wall. Before, we had a much more “minimalist” wedding picture with some cool matting above the bed.


What we’re working with now is certainly more bold. As promised, I plan to go through all the little projects I did to make some DIY art for this beast.

BEDROOM GALLERY from Rachel Schultz-2

Rather than sharing all those first, and then concluding with a big reveal, we will work our way backwards.

BEDROOM GALLERY from Rachel Schultz-3

I already mentioned getting cool large blown up photographs (called “engineer prints“) at Staples for really cheap. This one here is David’s grandparents. I expect for this wall to always be growing and my dream would be for it to wrap all the way around onto the blue wall!

BEDROOM GALLERY from Rachel Schultz

Here are the links with details on all the projects: engineer printsvegetable print, geometric mosaic art, and swirly abstract art.

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