August 4, 2015

After living in our house for some time, we have at least made a noticeable dent in the cleaning and unpacking. The first couple weeks in the house the amount to do was huge. It seemed like I cleaned all day, everyday to only have tackled a tiny percentage of the house. In my more overwhelmed moments, I wanted to hire a bunch of cleaning ladies to just do it all for me, but then I remembered this is what I wanted. The point of buying a fixer upper was to do the work myself to save money. Oh, right. Boy, I can be lazy.

My friend, Jen, was too sweet to let me suffer alone. She came over and cleaned every one of my kitchen cabinets inside and out. They were pretty gnarly too. We (read: she) did a round of degreaser and then a second pass of soap and water on everything. Most of the cabinets were looking pretty fresh after this. The cabinet under the kitchen sink, however, had some damage.

LINING CABINETS & DRAWERS from Rachel Schultz 2

We (again, she) did a good wipe down, but Jen shared she wished she had laid vinyl tiles under her kitchen sink. They are much easier to wipe up and in my case, would cover the damaged wood.


These plain white ones were $.69 each at Home Depot. It took us only about 15 minutes to lay them. We used a utility knife on a cardboard box to cut the irregular shapes. Normally David would reach for the tape measurer, but we agreed it was not a big enough deal to measure precisely under the sink.

LINING CABINETS & DRAWERS from Rachel Schultz 5

Round two of lining things came to be after Jen returned a second day to help me with more cleaning (what a saint).

The drawers and cabinets in the children’s bathroom (which we have been using as our main one until we rip up the carpet in the master bath) were a bit tough and even after our degreaser and soap routine, they were not looking too pretty.

LINING CABINETS & DRAWERS from Rachel Schultz 4

If I planned to keep this large vanity permanently, it would have been worth it to sand and paint. Because it is not my long term solution and several of the drawers are broken, I picked up a drawer liner at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I like this one because it is smooth rather than with that hole-y texture many grippy drawer liners have. The roll was $7.99 and just enough for all the drawers. Not having to store my toothbrush on a questionable surface was worth the $8. Measuring and cutting the material took me maybe 20 minutes.

LINING CABINETS & DRAWERS from Rachel Schultz 3

I am motivated to keep pushing through all the cleaning so we can get on to the fun stuff! It feels good to bring everything to a baseline level of cleanliness before starting on the cosmetics.

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