September 29, 2015

In our entire, mostly empty house, there is one piece of furniture that I have been craving far more than any other.

It is the filing cabinets. A little unexpected maybe, I know.

Stacks of papers laying around bug me and we have them growing in many rooms with no set up to sort them. I need four of the two drawer kind, all the same height and such. Ideally, they would also be the same color. (What color I want, I do not know. I will take what I find.) I have located a local resale place I think will be the winner for sourcing them inexpensively. It may take some diligence checking in their for their stock because it has high turn over.

DESIGNING THE OFFICE from Rachel Schultz

There is much more on the to-do list for the office (other than my filing obsession) after sketching out some vision for its design. All of the design talk was here.

  1. Build built-in desk (with filing cabinets!)
  2. Paint and ship lap walls
  3. Wall mounted lighting
  4. Lay wood floors
  5. Window treatments
  6. Reading chair, rug, accessories
  7. Buy or build work table
  8. Remove humidifier controls, possibly update thermostat
  9. Dry erase board with framing
  10. Add french doors

DESIGNING THE OFFICE from Rachel Schultz-2

But again, filing cabinets. Just filing cabinets. I need some filing cabinets.

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