December 3, 2015

I am sure you were dying from the cliffhanger we left off with. The question was which room in our house I would use our fresh white paint choice on first. If you guessed the kitchen, you are a winner.

FIRST FLOOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-4

We made this choice because it is so enormously yellow-y that whenever I do photography in here, I have a warm tint that is complicating photo editing. What everyone considers when they paint a room, I am sure.

I was shocked it took two coats to get full coverage. After one, you could still even see the white test swatches I had painted up beforehand. I do not care really, because I am so happy with how the white choice turned out. It is not the least bit cold and sterile feeling as I feared the true white might be.

PAINTING THE KITCHEN from Rachel Schultz 2

It required so much strength for me to not to the dining room right away. (Oh you know, the other responsibilities I must not neglect such as feeding the children.)

Actually, it did not require any strength because I was out of paint.

PAINTING THE KITCHEN from Rachel Schultz

I did have enough, however, to paint the light switches from their horrible yellow. It was a makeshift job, but with two coats they were much better. Leaving them would have been a sore thumb scenario.

PAINTING THE KITCHEN from Rachel Schultz 3

Our new white with the remaining beige pieces (table, backsplash, counters, horrible hardware) clash, but that is okay because I desperately want to get rid of every scrap of cream and tan in here. Having the wall color more fresh makes me even more eager to do so.

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  • Nicole Brant

    What white paint is this?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Behr Ultra Pure White!

  • Court

    looks so great already! we are moving into our first home in a couple of weeks and it’s in similar shape as yours, lots of paint needed to brighten things up and some renos here and there! I can’t wait to go crazy with white paint, it looks so awesome so far!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Court! I can’t wait to have a fresh coat on everything.

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