HAPPY 2016!

January 4, 2016

It was almost 100% certain I would not stay up late to watch the ball drop. I can celebrate the New Year with my regular bed time, thank you. Say what you will, but I still like making resolutions. “Goals” is probably more accurate.

First, I like to look at how I did on last year’s.

Happy 2016!

  1. Begin and keep up on family photo albums – I got a good start, this is a 2016 resolution too (when the cookbook is done!)
  2. Read the Bible in a year – Did the New Testament in the second half of the year
  3. Paint my nails once a week – Did not do, and I am not sure I want to anymore
  4. Light candles – Did not do, and no longer desire to
  5. Produce eight new podcast episodes – We made two! But they are good ones.
  6. Trim and stay under our monthly grocery budget – Yep!
  7. Invest in some nicer pieces for my wardrobe (resisting Forever 21’s Siren call) – I have decided I do not want to do this either. The expensive stuff is not really worth it, I say.
  8. Buy a house – BOO YA.
  9. Make the bed everyday – Improved
  10. 60 ounces of water a day – Ha, no.
  11. Remember and acknowledge birthdays – Eh, do I still want to do this? I am not sure people care.
  12. Make more (and better) videos for blog – Did a few. Maybe more next year?
  13. Read 15 books – I think I did 12, but I do not keep great track. I am probably forgetting the ones I did not like.
  14. One mystery resolution – I honestly cannot remember what this was. Ha!
  15. Host more parties! – Yes, for next year too.

And now, for my 2016 Resolutions. Lots of them are more like I-will-do-this-when-the-cookbook-is-over-and-I-have-my-life-back.

  1. Host more parties (I have a lot of thoughts on this, specifically doing hospitality in a more no-fuss way)
  2. Make sunroom functional for parties
  3. Three new podcast episodes
  4. Catch up on family photo albums
  5. Complete cookbook manuscript (!)
  6. Have more than 10 people buy said cookbook
  7. Strip all wallpaper from our house
  8. Whole first floor painted
  9. Finish laying wood floors
  10. Read 10 books
  11. Make bed everyday
  12. Raise children. (They were not on here yet, so I feel like it just needed to be acknowledged I will take care of them everyday.)

My New Cookbook



  • I had a really long list of goals set for 2015 and yeah I didn’t really complete any of them that I can remember…. this year I think I kinda gonna go with the flow. Every time I set goals, they never work out that way…. Its like i’m personally coded to not succeed lol. Again I can’t wait for your cookbook! I need some new food to lay eyes on :D

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Darianne! I’m so excited to share it with everyone.

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