March 30, 2016

After deciding I am not going to force a single white for the entire house, the first room to get a new paint job was the landing with Valspar Four Winds.

In this photo you can see several white swatches that have been on the walls for months when I too cavalier-ly painted them ALL OVER the house JUST TO CHECK THE WHITES IN EVERY TYPE OF LIGHTING. Well, then we had to stare at them for months, making everything a little more work-zone looking. Also in the photo is the speckled with grime paper backing of the wallpaper in the stairwell that is partially stripped. Lovely!

PAINTING THE LANDING from Rachel Schultz 3

PAINTING THE LANDING from Rachel Schultz 2

The white in here was very pink-toned. The other thing you can catch a glimpse of is an extra hand rail the elderly original owners of the home needed in their later years. We will remove the extra hand rail and paint the standard one (or maybe even leave it off too).

The walls are now eggshell and the trim is Ralph Lauren Brilliant White in satin.

PAINTING THE LANDING from Rachel Schultz 4 PAINTING THE LANDING from Rachel Schultz 5

As soon as we improve one thing, the new weak link in the room stands out a lot more. Now that the walls are fresh, they are begging the flooring to be pretty hardwoods instead of old and brown carpet. Plus, light fixture. I did not paint the doors or door knobs because those are going to be one big to-do item where I work on them all in one go.

I am not sold on two different whites for the wall color and trim. Maybe Four Winds will be used as both in my next room, the entryway. Sometimes I feel annoyed I am doing so much trial and error on paint colors, but I am learning a lot about what I like. I have also improved on mentally extrapolating a test pot swatch out and imagining it in the whole room more accurately. Oh picking paint colors, I do not love it.

PS: My favorite brush for cutting in without needing tape (I skill I have forced myself to learn!) is this 2 inch wooster brush.

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  • Sarah

    Yes! Those paint brushes are the best. So glad you discovered them

    • Rachel Schultz

      I love the rubber, short handle.

  • Agh, the domino effect of home renovations. It seems never-ending! Also, i am the worst at picking paint! I try to give myself grace because it’s a fairly inexpensive change but it’s still annoying!

    • Rachel Schultz

      So true. I feel more annoyed by the time I have to spend!

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