August 8, 2016

At the beginning of the year, we made a schedule of our renovation goals for 2016. We have come so far! Now I am taking a little time to re-group on the itemized list of what we have accomplished and plan for how the rest of the year will shape up.

The initial schedule only went until October, and now I have a better idea of what to do in the final months of the year (well, kind of.)

House Cover Photo from Rachel Schultz


Install entryway door
Dispose of carpet (still laying around from office and dining room!)
New kitchen hardware – details here
Finish wood putty – we still have not done this, oy!
Install smoke detectors


Lay hardwoods in living room – details here
Finish cookbook – details here


Paint living roomdetails here
Install picture rail in living room – we decided not to do this
Strip entryway wallpaper – details here
Paint entryway – details here
Slipper chairs for living room (2) – details here
Rug for living room – details here
Prune apple tree – details here
Paint second floor landing – details here
Mount TV – this has turned out to be complicated


Paint sunroom floor – details here
Build sunroom table and chairs – details here
Install sunroom lighting
Grill for sunroom
Fix mailbox – sorry, mailman!
Strip kids and guest bathroom wallpaper – details here
Paint kids and guest bathroom – details here
Finish ripping out shrubs – details here
Refurbish basketball court – see you in 2017


King bed for master – yes, to mattress, but need to build the bed
Concrete counters in kitchen – eh, maybe later
Concrete counters in kids and guest bathroom – maybe later
Trim trees
Refurbish staircase – details here


Lay hardwoods in second floor landing – details here
Lay hardwoods in master bedroom – details here


Lay hardwoods in guest bedroom – details here


Lay hardwoods in girls’ room
Lay hardwoods in boys’ room
Shiplap office
Add tassels to living room rug


Plant grass
Build king bed – my goodness, YES PLEASE
Power wash exterior siding
Paint office
Install built-in desk in office
Build blackboard for office


Strip powder bathroom wallpaper
Demo powder bathroom sink
Tile powder bathroom
Install pedestal sink
Remove soffit and repair lighting
Install board and batten in powder bathroom
Paint powder bathroom


New kitchen lighting
Install ceiling pot rack
Paint backsplash



September was going to be the “basement month,” but we decided that is not as valuable as some other projects would be, namely bumping the office up earlier. New on the list is starting and finishing the powder bathroom in October (hopefully in time for a Halloween party we are planning).

November and December’s goals are more fuzzy. We will see where the finances are at!

As for 2017, we are already calling that “The Year of the Exterior.”

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  • Lynn

    Aren’t we just fanatic- to a funny extreme.
    I so enjoy your blog.
    I just noticed you have “ADD tassels to living room rug”scheduled for August.
    What’s funny is that although I love “most” of your ideas… I hate tassels and on MY to-do list this year, I had CUT OFF ALL RUG TASSELS!
    Too funny. Thanks for your blog.

    PS- I do fine with the house. I need to re-do MY exterior and buy some dresses and take more time fixing me. Any inspiration for that category coming to your blog in the future?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Funny! Thanks Lynne. There are lots of great fashion bloggers out there, I hope you find some!

  • Chris

    You’ve accomplished SO MUCH – be proud, very proud! We finally finished our sunroom and just love the space…it’s always nice when you can say “another room in the house that’s pleasantly usable”. I also love fall and look forward to it and everything that goes along with it.

    • Rachel Schultz


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